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Paroles de MIDEM : le discours de Paul McGuinness

Jeudi 31 janvier 2008 à 12:03 | Dans la catégorie MIDEM
C’est l’une des prises de parole les plus remarquées du MIDEM 2008 : le discours de Paul McGuinness, manager du groupe U2. Petite leçon sur le music business d’hier et d’aujourd’hui à lire en intégralité sur le site du magazine Billboard.

Extraits :
There is some excitement about advertising-funded deals. But the record companies must gain our trust to share fairly the revenues they will gain from advertising. Historically they have not been good at transparency. Let’s never forget the great CD scam of the ’80s when the majors tried to halve the royalties of records released on CD claiming that they needed this extra margin to develop the new technology even as they were entering the great boom years that the CD delivered. It’s ironic that, at a time when the majors are asking the artists to trust them to share advertising revenue they are also pushing the dreadful “360 model.”
As Allen Grubman, the well-known New York attorney said to me recently… “God forbid that one of these acts in a 360 deal has success. The next thing that will happen is the manager gets fired and the lawyer gets sued for malpractice.”
Maybe it would help if they were to offer to cancel those deals when they repair their main revenue model and the industry recovers, as I believe it will.
But that’s an issue for the future, when we’re out of the crisis. Today, there’s a bigger issue and it’s about the whole relationship between the music and the technology business. Network operators, in particular, have for too long had a free ride on music — on our clients’ content. It’s time for a new approach — time for ISPs to start taking responsibility for the content they’ve profited from for years. And it’s time for some visionary new thinking about how the music and technology sectors can work as partners instead of adversaries, leading to a revival of recorded music instead of its destruction.

Bono à Davos et son manager au MIDEM… vive l’Irlande ! (qui, rappelons-le, fait partie au sein du Royaume-Uni des plus gros marchés de la musique en Europe).

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